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Links to Comic-Related Sites
Included here, in no particular order, are some great (and not-so-great) websites devoted to all things comics. We know these aren't all the sites out there (there are too many to count), but we'll post more as we become aware of them. Enjoy!

Remember when you used to have to wait a whole month for the next issue of ComicScene magazine to find out what was going on behind the scenes in the comics industry? No longer! The latest information (and misinformation, it seems) is only a mouse-click away.

This is a nice site that is updated throughout the day with up-to-the-minute, breaking news and good, in-depth interviews. Be sure to check in often.

The Pulse
When Newsarama left for, Comicon replaced the site with this one. It has a lot of the same stories that can be found at, but also has some nice interviews from time to time. It should be noted that The Pulse has been accused recently of being "in bed" with CrossGen Comics. They seem to be going out of their way lately to dispel the rumors.

Comic Book Resources

This is a great site. Updated at least once a week, often more, this site provides up-to-date industry news, interviews, and other fascinating stuff. Several comics professionals publish regular columns here. Most notable is the weekly rumor (or, rumour, for you Brits) column Lying In The Gutters, by Rich Johnston. This guy is the Harry Knowles of comics and is hated by more comics pros than Jim Shooter. In other words, the column is great fun!

Silver Bullet Comics
Updated often, this is another news-centric site. It also features weekly columns by several respected comics pros like Marv Wolfman, Bob Rozakis and Tom Breevort. Alan Donald also has a weekly comics rumour column called All The Rage that he inherited from Lying In The Gutters' Rich Johnston. Check it out, but watch out for the Rumour Barrier!

4-Color Review
Though there is some news to be found here, the main focus is on reviews. A word of warning, though. Don't expect this guy to like your favorite title as much as you do. No punches are pulled here.

Ain't It Cool News
More of a movie-geek site, this site is run by the famous (or infamous) Harry Knowles. He and his network of code-named spies have Hollywood shivering in it's gold-plated booties wondering where they'll turn up next. We include it here because Harry is a rabid comics fan and always has juicy gossip and news about comics-related movies. Recently, he conducted and posted an in-depth interview with comics phenomenon Alex Ross.

The Comics Continuum
This isn't the prettiest of sites, but it's very informative and user-friendly. The main page is broken into five sections, summarizing the headlines of each day, Monday through Friday. A single click will get you that day's full stories.

The Slush Factory
Another news site, this one is distinguished by the fact that also includes news about movies, television and anything else your average comic reader might find interesting. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to find regular columns by comics pros John Byrne, Colleen Doran and Dwayne McDuffie.

The Crawlspace
A great looking site. There are lots of links here to your favorite comics creators' official websites (so we won't include them here). There's also lots of cool stuff to download, comics news & articles, and contests.

Comics 2 Film
Just like it sounds, this site has all the latest news about just about every comic book film project you can imagine, from the most high-profile to the most obscure. Updated frequently.

The Drawing
This one's for you aspiring professionals out there. It's chock full of tips on every discipline, from pencilling to writing to computer coloring and lettering. The site includes advice from real comics pros and has a gallery where you can display your art. A great resource!

By the publishers of the popular "Guide to Comics", Wizard Magazine. The magazine comes out on a monthly basis and, as a result, is usually scooped be most of the sites listed here. Hopefully, this site beats it's hardcopy cousin to the punch. panders strictly to the speculators among us, so if you want to know what that complete run of Team Americais worth, give 'em a look-see. (Note: This site used to be It was shut down after the people running the site were found to be of, shall we say, questionable integrity. To their credit, Wizard has done an admirable job of trying to rebuild a new site.)



DC Comics
The official site of DC Comics, this is pretty much what you'd expect. Lots of sneak-peeks at upcoming issues, cool downloads and a message board.

Marvel Comics
'Nuff said. (Heh heh.)

Dark Horse Comics
This site is nicely designed and has some great features like movies and e-comics. A must-see for Dark Horse fans.

Image Comics
This site consists of one page which is a list of links to the sites devoted to each of the studios that make up Image. Look here if you want to find sites for Spawn, Savage Dragon orJudge.

News Askew
This one's just for you fans of Kevin Smith(Daredevil, Clerks).This is the official site of Smith and his film production company, View Askew. If you aren't familiar with Smith, you should be. Kevin Smith has taken probably the oddest route to breaking into the comics industry. He's gone from comics fan to Hollywood bad-boy to comics retailer to, finally, comics writer and publisher. Lately, his comics work has suffered because of his Hollywood commitments, much to the ire of his readers.

These are the guys who put out (among others) the wonderful Comic Book Artist, DRAW! and Roy Thomas' Alter Ego. They're also the people who, for many years, have kept alive the memory of Jack and Roz Kirby with their simply fantastic The Jack Kirby Collector albums. If you're curious about these books, the site includes excerpts from their latest issues.


It's fascinating how many vanity sites by comics creators there are out there. Especially when you think about how insular comics fandom has become. Are there really that many people out there who are interested in what these folks have to say? Sure looks like it. Then again, vanity sites are like cowboy hats. Sooner or later, every @$$#*%! has one.

Digital Priest
This is the site for fans of Black Panther writer (Christopher) Priest. Until we visited this site, we didn't know that not only is Priest a comicbook writer, he's a web designer, photographer, musician and ordained minister! Included on his site is a detailed history of his career in comics that is not to be missed. Be warned, though. His views, while humorous, insightful and well-voiced, are often controversial. The man speaks his mind. And what a mind it is. (PARENTS: Please be aware that Priest has peppered his site with some tastefully-done semi-nude photographs from his portfolio. Nothing particularly offensive, but we realize"offensive" is a matter of taste. Don't say we didn't warn you.)

Peter David
The popular, prolific writer uses this site to talk about whatever is on his mind at the time. Usually, it's the latest episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, his kids or his latest feud with fellow comics creators Joe Quesada, John Byrne or Todd McFarlane.

Joe Quesada
Good ol' Joe. The Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief is Saint Joe to some and the living Satan to others. Together with good-cop-bad-cop partner, Marvel President Bill Jemas, Joe has turned Marvel from a floundering publisher to the powerhouse of the industry. Though his mouth tends to get him in dutch with creators, you have to admit the man is putting out some good comics. And, like him or not, at least he's trying to do something to spark interest in comics.

Steve Bissette
The fan-fave former Swamp Thing artist moderates a comics-related forum here, hosted by The Kingdom.

Chuck Dixon
Wow. This guy is opinionated. He trashes everything and everyone imaginable here. He writes good comics, though.

John Byrne
Yep, that John Byrne. If you don't know who he is, you either stopped reading comics in the '70s or you only read Archie. This is his message board (though I understand he frequents many more) at the Slush Factory.