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Whence Nostalgia Plus?

Researching any subject takes time, even the history of a collectibles shop. We'll have the fascinating story of Nostalgia Plus posted some time soon, we promise. In the meantime, here are a few candid photos of the interior of our shop for your enjoyment.


Marsha and Marvin

Marsha and Marvin, our proud (and cute) proprietors.


A new shipment has arrived. Notice the subscriber's boxes behind the counter. Our subscriber's never miss an issue of their favorite books.


Our recent move to a new location a couple of doors down afforded us a chance to try out a new color scheme. Who says it isn't easy being green?


We still have the same great selection of trade paperbacks, hardcover editions and recent back issues in plain view along with months worth of older issues within easy reach.


Another satisfied customer discovers we don't just sell comics. Check out the wide variety of action figures and back issues behind the lovely lady.